Where To Buy Kefir For Dogs UK 2024 [Top 8 Places]

Kefir is considered a superfood for humans due to its healing qualities and the contribution it makes to one’s gut health. In that same sense, dogs can also benefit from kefir. However, if you’ve never bought Kefir milk for your dog, you might be wondering where to buy kefir for dogs. The great news is that kefir for dogs can be purchased from various outlets, including online marketplaces, UK supermarkets and other retailers.

This article will give an overview of the different places you can buy kefir for dogs in the UK.

What Is Kefir For Dogs?

Kefir for dogs is simply the regular kefir that humans consume made from fermented kefir grains. Some dog owners think that their pet pooch can only drink kefir milk if it’s been specially formulated for dogs, however, this is not the case. Humans and dogs alike can drink the regular kefir that can be purchased from various outlets. Kefir is perfectly safe for dogs and has wonderful health benefits for them which are discussed later in this article.

Where Can I Buy Kefir For Dogs In The UK?

Kefir for dogs is readily available in the UK. You can buy it in a variety of places, including; supermarkets, online marketplaces and independent retailers, among other places.

Online Marketplaces That Sell Kefir For Dogs

The big online marketplaces, i.e Amazon and eBay, both sell 100% natural kefir milk. The product itself is not aimed at dogs, however, as explained, it’s 100% natural kefir milk with no artificial ingredients, which makes it completely safe and suitable for dogs. 

1 Amazon: 100% Natural kefir milk

2 eBay: Live milk Kefir grains

What UK Supermarkets Sell Kefir For Dogs?

At the time of writing, All the major UK supermarkets natural Kefir milk. They all sell the same particular brand of kefir milk. Although some sell 500ml bottles and others sell 1 litre bottles.

Asda sell a different brand of kefir milk and sell it in 1 litre cartons. Again, just like the online marketplaces, is not aimed at dogs, but it’s suitable for dogs. This is because it’s 100% natural kefir milk with no artificial ingredients.

All the above supermarkets offer home delivery.

3 Sainsbury’s: Kefir Milk 500ml

4 Tesco: Kefir Milk 1L

5 Morrisons: Kefir Milk 500ml

6 Waitrose: Kefir Milk 1L

7 Asda: Kefir Milk 1L

Independent Sellers Of Kefir For Dogs

Kefir can be purchased from many independent retailers. You can purchase regular kefir milk which can be found at supermarkets and Amazon and eBay. Or you can purchase a modified version of kefir which is aimed at dogs.

The modified version of kefir aimed at dogs tends to be a mixture of kefir and bone broth and apple cider vinegar. These ingredients are added together at greater or lesser amounts depending on the manufacturer of the product. The product itself is frozen and is essentially a ‘kefir ice treat’.

See below for sellers

8 Greens for healthy pets: Offering a range of raw pet foods and organic pet foods.
Flavoured kefir ice treat

9 The natural K9: Selling raw dog food and healthy dog treats
Flavoured Kefir ice treat

What Exactly Is Kefir Milk?

Kefir grains are small white balls that have the consistency of jelly. They’re complex micro organisms that contain bacteria and yeast that’s highly beneficial to the body. When these grains are mixed together with milk a chemical reaction occurs – the grains are activated and they become kefir milk.

As alluded to, the bacteria, fungi, and yeasts included in kefir are all healthy to the body. It’s possible to make kefir using water or milk, depending on the kind of kefir you prefer. In addition to being produced from cow, sheep, or goat’s milk, coconut water may also be used to make it. Kefir produced from water or goats’ milk may be excellent for a dog that is lactose intolerant or simply not fond of milk in general.

Why Is Kefir Good For Dogs?

Kefir is great for dogs for many of the same reasons that it’s great for humans. Kefir helps to boost and fortify the immune system, fight against diseases and helps to prevent infections from bad bacteria.

Kefir milk contains around 35 strains of good bacteria, as well as containing significant amounts of vitamin B complex, vitamin D, K and A, as well as calcium and magnesium.

This all results in kefir having many health benefits for dogs, the main ones are outlines below:

  • Helps fight against heartburn, upset stomachs and irritable bowels.
  • Can help fight bad breath.
  • Helps fight against many conditions such as pancreatitis, anemia, and joint disease.
  • Helps prevent allergies
  • Promotes efficient and healthy digestion

Can Dogs Have Goat Milk Kefir?

Dogs can have goat milk kefir, it’s completely safe and suitable for them. In fact goat milk kefir is recommended for dogs who are lactose intolerant or who simply don’t like milk.

Can Dogs Drink Water Kefir?

Yes, you can feed your dog water kefir. While kefir more commonly made from cows milk, goats milk or sheeps milk, it is often made from coconut water. Water kefir for dogs is like the equivalent of a human taking antibiotics to overcome an infection.

You can use simple tap water to make water kefir for your dog. However, if you’re in a position to do so then it’s recommended to use mineral water or coconut water.

Final Thoughts On Where To Buy Kefir For Dogs UK

Kefir for dogs could be considered a superfood for both humans and dogs. It certainly has many benefits for your pet pooch regarding their digestive system. This is in addition to the other fringe benefits of the fermented drink. Kefir milk is widely available and can be purchased online and from a number of different UK supermarkets. And the great news is that your dog can drink regular kefir milk purchased from those aforementioned outlets.