How To Clean Dog’s Ears UK [Safe Simple – Step By Step]

Ear cleaning is a simple task that can make a big difference in your dog’s health. You may know that there are different ways to clean a dog’s ears. But what tools and cleaning products should you use? And, how can you know if you’re doing it correctly?

This article will fully explain step by step how to clean your dog’s ears safely and effectively.

Do I Need To Clean My Dog’s Ears?

The short and simple answer to this question is yes, you should clean your dog’s ears. At the very least you should check them to see how healthy they are. If you regularly check your dog’s ears you’ll be able to spot any issues early and help prevent infections and other problems.

It’s quite straightforward to simple to clean your dog’s ears and can be done in the comfort of your own home. If you use a dog groomer you can also have your dog’s ears cleaned as part of their grooming routine.

How Often Should I Clean My Dog’s Ears?

There are some dog breeds that are more susceptible to ear infections than others. These would be the breeds that have floppy or droopy ears, like the Afghan hound, the Beagle and Daschunds. These types of breeds require more regular ear cleaning compared to breeds like the Siberian husky and the French bulldog.

But why are floppy ear breeds more susceptible to ear infections? The reason is because there is less opportunity for air to flow freely around the ears. Small pieces of debris and other unwanted particles can get stuck in their ears without you as their owner noticing. This trapped debris and unwanted particles can possess bad bacteria which can result in the development of an ear infection.

To summarise, cleaning your dog’s ears on a regular basis is critical to preventing infections. However, cleaning your dog’s ears too often, on the other hand, might cause damage to the canal or inflammation, both of which can lead to further problems.

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What Items You’ll Need To Clean Your Dog’s Ears

To get started, you’ll need to assemble the following items:

  • Disposable gloves
  • Cotton wool
  • Dog specific ear cleaner

How To Clean Dog’s Ears UK – Step By Step Guide

Below is the step by step process that you can follow to thoroughly clean your dog’s ears and help to promote ear health in your dog.

1. Do A Visual Check Of Your Dog’s Ears

Start with whichever ear you like and do a good visual check of your dog’s ear first. You are looking for any obvious signs that things are not as they should be. For example, check for redness and swelling. Check for scuffs or marks in around your dog’s ear. When you’re satisfied there are no signs of ear issues, move on to step 2.

2. Massage Your Dog’s Ear.

Gently massage your dog’s ear for around one minute. This is to soften and loosen any debris or particles in or on your dog’s ear.

3. Wipe Around The Ear

Next, dampen some cotton wool with the dog ear cleaner. You want the cotton wool damp, rather than soaking. Then wipe around the ear and near the entrance to the ear.

You’re doing this to remove any debris or particles that are in or around your dog’s ear. You’re also doing this to remove general dirt or ear wax.

4. Put Some Ear Cleaner Into Your Dog’s Ear

Next, put one or two small drops of the dog specific ear cleaner into your dog’s ear canal. You might find that your dog tries to move their head in such a way as to tip the cleaning fluid out of their ear. This is normal behaviour. Simply hold your dog’s head firm. You can also give your dog a treat to reward them keeping their head still.

5. Massage Base Of Your Dog’s Ear

Now, you will massage your dog’s ear again. But this time you should massage the base of your dog’s ear for around 1 minute. You’re doing this to ensure the cleaning fluid passes into the bottom of the ear canal. This will also disrupt and break down any wax that you weren’t able to remove when wiping your dog’s ears.

6. Wipe Away Any Excess Fluid

Using a clean towel or kitchen roll, simply wipe away any excess ear cleaning fluid that may have settles around your dog’s ear.

7. Repeat The Process With The Other Ear.

Simply repeat the step by step cleaning process for your dog’s other ear.

How Would I Know If My Dog Has An Ear Problem?

If your dog has an ear infection or is developing problems with his ears there will likely be signs of this. These would be as follows:

  • Your dog is shaking and moving his around more than he normally would.
  • Your dog is tilting his head to one side and won’t position his head normally when you try to assist him.
  • There is discharge or fluid leaking from one or both of your dog’s ears.
  • There is redness or swelling in or around your dog’s ears.
  • Your dog is scratching at his ears.

If you observe any of the above signs or behaviours in your dog then there’s a chance he has an ear infection. In that case we recommend that you take your dog to see a veterinarian right away.

Final Thoughts On How To Clean Dog’s Ears UK

It’s important that you clean your dog’s ears regularly as part of your dog’s health and grooming regime. This will allow you to catch any potential ear infections before they’re able to cause your dog serious distress.

Cleaning your dog’s ears is quite straightforward and you can do this simple procedure yourself. If cleaning your dog’s ears yourself then be sure to have a few treats nearby. This is to reward your pooch for sitting still and behaving through the process.

If you’d prefer not to clean your dog’s ears then a dog groomer or a veterinarian can also do the procedure for you for a fee.