How Much Do Rabbit Vaccinations Cost UK 2024 [Prices]

A rabbit needs to be vaccinated a few weeks after birth and then on an annual basis. A rabbit may also require other injections or medication at various points in their life for various reasons.

If you need to have your pet rabbit jabbed, you may be wondering how much do rabbit vaccinations cost. In the UK, getting your rabbit vaccinated costs an average of £50 to £125. This price variance generally depends on which UK region you live in.

This article will outline the price and costs of rabbit vaccinations in the UK.

Do I Need To Vaccinate My Rabbit?

While there is no UK law that obligates anyone to vaccinate their pet rabbit, it’s highly recommended that you do. This is because there are diseases that rabbits can catch really easily and they have little hope of fighting off these diseases with their own immune system alone. Further, the types of diseases that rabbits can catch can cause intense suffering to them and end up being fatal.

As a pet rabbit owner, you certainly don’t want to cause any suffering to your rabbit if you can avoid it, therefore it’s strongly recommended you vaccinate your rabbit.

What Vaccinations Do Rabbits Need UK?

Rabbits need to have three types of vaccinations to protect against three different types of diseases. These three diseases are as below:

  • Rabbit haemorrhagic disease 1 (RHD1)
  • Rabbit haemorrhagic disease 2 (RHD2)
  • Myxomatosis

Rabbit haemorrhagic disease 1 (RHD1)

This is very dangerous virus that’s highly contagious. Unfortunately, once a rabbit has been infected with this virus, it’s nearly invariably deadly.

RHD1 causes the internal organs of a rabbit to bleed and can end a rabbit’s life very quickly. Rabbits who have contracted RHD1 will only live for about two to three days after catching it. The following are signs that a rabbit has contracted RHD1:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Blood tinged discharge from the nose or mouth

As mentioned, RHS is highly contagious and can be passed from one rabbit to another through only slight and brief contact, for example, a few seconds of rabbit noses or sharing food bowls.

Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease 2 (RHD2)

RHD2 is similar to RHD1 in the sense that it’s a highly contagious disease that causes the rabbit’s internal organs to bleed. It also nearly always results in the death of the rabbit as well.

As mentioned, rabbits who have contracted RHD1 will only live for about two to three days after catching it. However, rabbits who have contracted RHD2 rabbits can live for between one to two weeks after contracting it. This means RHD2 can be considered more dangerous than RHD1 because the rabbit is alive longer and so has more time to spread it to other rabbits.


Myxomatosis is another highly contagious virus that rabbits are at risk of contracting.

Mosquitoes, fleas, or close contact with an infected rabbit may spread the myxomatosis virus, which is often lethal. Every year, myxomatosis claims the lives of a large number of rabbits in the UK. All rabbits, whether they are primarily kept inside or outside, are at risk.

Average Rabbit Vaccination Prices By UK Region

Now you know why it’s recommended that you vaccinate your rabbit. And you know the awful viruses your rabbit can catch if they’re not vaccinated. Now, let’s look at the prices of rabbit shots. It can cost between £50 and £125 to get your rabbit vaccinated, and this varies by region.

Inner London Price Average

£90 – £125

Outer London Price Average

£85 – £120

South England Price Average

£84 – £117

Midlands Price Average

£78 – £106

North England Price Average

£65 – £95

Wales Price Average

£61 – £95

Scotland Price Average

£55 – £90

The prices above clearly show that it costs more to get your bunny vaccinated if you live in the London and the South East area. It costs considerably less to have your rabbit vaccinated if you live in Northern England or Scotland.

This is because London and Southern England have high average salaries, and therefore the cost of living is higher.

Do Rabbits Need Vaccinations Every Year?

To maintain your rabbit’s immunity against the three main rabbit viruses, you will need to get your rabbit vaccinated once very year. This is essentially ‘topping up’ the vaccine or getting the vaccine ‘boosted’.

Keep in mind that your rabbit should be vaccinated for the vey first time between five and seven weeks after being born.

Are There Any Side Effects To Rabbit Vaccinations?

There’s always a chance of side effects from any vaccination or medication, whether it’s vaccines for rabbits, dogs, cats, humans or any other animals. However, it’s very rare that a rabbit will experience any side effects from the vaccines. If a rabbit does experience any side effects these will typically be very mild and will usually dissipate within 48 hours.

Final Thoughts On How Much Do Rabbit Vaccinations Cost UK

It’s important that pet rabbits are vaccinated against the three main rabbit illnesses. The three diseases, RHD1, RHD2 and Myxomatosis cause rabbits a lot of suffering and claim the lives of huge numbers of rabbits every year.

The price to get your rabbit vaccinated can vary quite a bit, however. In the UK, the price ranges from £50 to £125. This price differs depending in which UK region you reside.