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Vivarium and Aquarium

Reptile or fish keeper? Read on…

It might be home to cold-blooded types, but The Vivarium is as warm and friendly as the rest of the Pet Show.

Here you can meet our team of experts who will guide you through life with a pet reptile and discuss which is right for you. We’ll also have plenty of creatures for those brave enough to handle them!

Reptile Meet and Greet

A chance to meet a plethora of species under one roof.

Corn Snakes, Royal Pythons and Bearded Dragons, spiders and monitor lizards are amongst the mix of cold blooded creatures you can find in this zone – a special treat for reptile enthusiasts and keepers.


Discover a new type of pet that has taken the UK by storm – pet Jellyfish!

Including the Australian Spotted Jellyfish, Atlantic Sea Nettle Jellies and Blue Blubber Jellies.


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”Fab day out!”

”The Pet Show was brilliant!”

”Amazing day out!”

Interactive Reptiles

Your chance to get up close and personal

A special treat for reptile enthusiasts.

There are a number of reptiles visitors will be able to handle including, snakes, monitor lizards, millipedes and spiders.

Giant Tortoises

Meet and Greet

Aladbra Giant Tortoises UK gives visitors the opportunity to meet a family of amazing Aladbra Tortoises, one of the largest tortoise species in the world.

Visitors can discover what it takes to look after a 30 stone tortoise, and even have a photo taken with these amazing reptiles.

There will also be the chance to relax with the tortoises in their enclosure!


Tanks and accessories…

See you there!

See ‘About the Show‘ for directions, opening times, dogs at the show and FAQ’s.