The greyhound has a very gentle and quiet disposition. The greyhound is often tolerant of children and, being non-aggressive, will usually walk away from annoyance rather than snap or growl. In spite of their great athletic ability, the greyhound is quite happy to spend most of the day sleeping. The greyhound does not have a lot of endurance and actually requires less exercise time than most dogs.

Living With:

As with all sight hounds, greyhounds have a strong instinct to chase. In spite of this, it is possible for them to live with other pets as long as sufficient time is given for socialization and training. This dog is the perfect pet for a family who wants a large dog, but one that is both streamlined and clean.

The greyhound is an average shedder, and the short coat does not require a lot of grooming.

A safe place is needed for the dog to run, but long periods of exercise are not required, unlike what some assume. In fact, the breed has been called the “40 mph couch potato.” The greyhound is a friendly breed and will readily adopt a family as his own.