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Make the most of your day by getting involved…

Activities you, the kids and your dog can get involved in!


Classes start at 1pm

  • Make sure you register well in advance
  • Registration desk is located next to the outdoor arena
  • Classes £1.50
  • Winners from each class up to 5th place will be awarded with a lovely rosette.
  • 1st place for each class: rosette and goody bag.
  • Best in Show winner: Best in Show rosette and special goody bag.


Mini Agility, Scurry, Fastest Recall and Steeplechase Competitions.

Mini Agility – This ring is fully equipped with jumps, tunnels, obstacles, weave poles and more – all the equipment you would find at a real agility class.

Mini Steeplechase – Have a go at steeplechasing with your dog. It’s a great confidence booster as all the jumps are in a straight line. Speed and tidiness is what they’ll be looking for, but with 3 attempts you’ll get the chance to master!

Scurry – Have a go at scurry with your dog. It’s a timed competition to see which dogs can retrieve the dummy in the fastest time. There will be obstacles such as hay bales for your dog to jump over, it’s great fun and you can have a go as many times as you like.


A chance to jump aboard Elfmills Carriage and have a delightful carriage ride around the main outside arenas.

Meet Elfmills ponies and add a carriage ride to your list of things to do whilst you are here. Once onboard your driver and ponies will navigate you round a planned route around the pet show. Carriage rides are just £3 and if you love horses and ponies, we think this is well worth a try.

Trade Stands

To be published July/August

Discover your favourite brands, innovative new products, pet supplies and bag yourself a show offer or two, with trade stands in every zone.