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Bringing your dog to the event

This declaration will need to be accepted when purchasing your tickets.

  • My dog/dogs will be kept on a lead at all times and must not be left unattended at any time during the show.
  • I will not bring to the show any dog which has contracted or been knowingly exposed to any infections or contagious disease during the 21 days prior to the show. I will ensure that my dog is fully up to date with all its vaccinations at the show.
  • I will ensure that my dog/dogs have a collar with clearly identifiable tag and I will be solely responsible should my dog go missing at the show.
  • I understand that I will be responsible for cleaning up after my dog/dogs and failure to do so will mean I may be asked to leave the event.
  • I understand that Pet Show organisers reserve the right to ask me to leave the show should my dog cause a nuisance or an inconvenience to other visitors.
  • I agree that I am responsible for any damage or injury to persons or property caused by my dog/dogs.
  • I understand that dogs are brought to the show at my own risk.