Basset Hound


The mild-mannered Basset is too laid-back to ever be sharp-tempered. He gets along with everyone, kids and other animals included, and the only thing that gets him really excited is a good scent trail. He’s calm indoors but alert enough that he makes an excellent watchdog. Like all hounds, he can be stubborn when it comes to training and responds best to positive methods such as food rewards and food rewards. Bassets are pack dogs and will be unhappy if left alone all day. The company of another dog is helpful.

Temperament: Sweet-Tempered, Tenacious, Friendly, Affectionate, Devoted, Gentle

Life span: 10 – 12 years

Colours:Black & White, White & Chocolate, Tri-color, Black & Brown, Lemon & White, Red & White

Basset Hounds are an ancient hound who hunt by scent.

As a family pet, they retain many of their working features in that they can be tenacious and self-willed. Being a pack hound, they generally like the company of both humans and other dogs.

As a puppy, exercise needs to be limited due to their growing bones but, from about a year old, they will need regular daily walks to maintain a healthy weight.