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Animal Welfare

The Pet Show is a celebration of animals and how much we love them, so naturally we take the welfare of all animals very seriously.

We are fully committed to protecting the welfare of each animal in the show and have taken certain measures and precautions to ensure that this is never compromised.

In accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006, we have a duty to ensure that the animals are kept in a suitable environment, have a suitable diet including fresh water, are housed with or apart from other animals, have the freedom to exercise normal and natural behaviour and are protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease.

All the clubs, societies and charity organisations present have been specially selected and invited because of their knowledge and expertise, their ability to provide high levels of care for the animals and their experience in educating people to improve the lives and welfare of their own pets. Where possible, not for profit organisations have been chosen rather than commercial operations.

All displays of animals at the show will, where possible, reflect the ideal living habitat for the animals, rather than the show cages you often see at events as we believe this gives the wrong idea of how animals should be kept at home. Many of the animals are used to doing events or have been specially chosen for their nature

At the show, cats and dogs will be kept in pens/crates for their own safety, however they are rotated throughout the day and/or taken for walks or let out for play as applicable. Because of this, the animals you are hoping to see may not be on the stand so please be patient.

The buildings at the show are nice and cool and some animals  like the heat (especially in the Vivarium),  however some animals struggle in summer if the temperatures reach unusual highs. This may mean some of the animals do not attend for as long or are not able to be part of the displays. Please remember this is for their own welfare and we have ensured that all animals have access to shade, water and whatever they need, plus there are so many animals at the show if one isn’t there, there will still be literally hundreds who are.

Animals are not bought and sold at the show as we feel this would only encourage impulse purchases and does not safeguard the animals. There will be many people at the show who have animals needing homes, especially rescues, so if you are looking for a pet, you may meet one at the show but home visits, research and preparation all needs to be done before the animal will come to live with you.

The public are also able to bring dogs to the show and we need to ensure the welfare needs of these dogs are met. There are extensive guidelines on bringing your dog to the show which can be found HERE. Please look after your dog at the show and remember – DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS so please NEVER leave your dog in a car in the summer, even for a short while and even if it doesn’t seem that hot. We will have people checking on cars and reserve the right to force entry if we believe a dog is in danger.

If you have a concern relating to the presence of the animals at the show, please contact: