Outdoor Arena Displays...

Scurry Driving

Ponies and their drivers tackle an obstacle course which is made from cones, temporary barriers, flags, arches and ramps all against the clock.

 Cheer on your favourite team in this fast paced, exciting and skilful competition.

Location: Main Arena


Birds of Prey Flying Display

Witness Eagles, Falcons, Owls and Hawks as they swoop the crowds to chase the lure.

Audience participation may be invited, in order to allow people to get up close and personal with these magnificent birds as they fly.  

Location: Main Arena


Dressage to Music

Olympic Dressage Rider, Beverly Brightman is back, performing her Dressage to Music ...with a twist!

This much loved display is one not to missed for both families and equine enthusiasts alike! 

Location: Main Arena


NADAC Hoopers

NADAC games is called Hoopers, which utilises a series of ground-level obstacles called Hoops. Instead of physical dexterity, the challenge of Hoopers is entirely focused on the ability of the handler and the dog to work together as a smooth flowing team. 

Location: Main Arena


Indoor Arena Displays...   

Dog Display Team

This dog display will demonstrate obedience and training in a fun and entertaining way. Crowd participance maybe involved!

Location: Indoor Arena


Reptile Interactive Talk

Dudley Zoo will be bringing some of their cold blooded residents into the arena for an interactive and educational talk.    

Location: Indoor Arena


Medical Detection Dogs Display

Learn about these amazing dogs, the fantastic work they do and the lives they save.

Location: Indoor Arena


Interactive Parrot Talk

Problem Parrots will be giving an educational talk about Parrots, they will also be taking some of their residents into the arena for a

Location: Indoor Arena